Electron microscopy ("G.Martra" Lab.) and X-ray techniques (SAX)

Imagen equipment by default
Kind of infrastructure
Torino (UNITO)
Application / Industrial sector
Circular & Bioeconomy
Cultural heritage
Energy & environment
Smart technologies
Description of equipment

- Material quality control
- Analytical determinations on materials
- Failure analysis
- Identification of particle contaminants
- Resolution of crystal structures
- Analysis of mineralogical phases, residual stress, grain size
- Metallographic analyzes
- Elemental surface analysis and sub-surface chemical composition profiles
- High resolution industrial tomography
- Diffractometric and tomographic analyzes on cultural heritage

Department of Chemistry
Equipment list
LAB-0025 Scanning electron microscopy
- TESCAN S9000G: UHR class electronic microscope coupled to an ion column with gallium ions that allows the execution of deposition processes of various materials, cuts, excavations and 3D tomographic reconstruction on a wide spectrum of samples
- The instrument is equipped with advanced techniques for elementary analysis (EDS - service already active - and TOF-SIMS - service active from April 2021) and crystallographic (EBSD service already active) of the samples
- The tool allows rapid data acquisition necessary for 3D structural analysis and microanalytical characterization of 3D samples (service from April 2021). EDS and EBSD data can be obtained simultaneously during FIB-SEM tomography and post-processed through dedicated software to obtain 3D sample reconstructions

LAB-0026 High resolution TEM transmission electron microscopy TEM High Resolution JEOL 300 kV microscope with microanalysis

LAB-0027 High resolution X-ray tomography
- Computerized micro-tomography apparatus with high luminosity X-ray source consisting of:
- High brightness molten metal source
- Flat panel for x-ray imaging with a surface area of ​​40x40 cm2
- The molten metal X-ray source is also designed for use in the irradiation of materials for nano-manufacturing purposes"

LAB-0028 X-ray diffractometry from powders
- Automated X-ray diffractometer for the analysis of poly-crystalline materials 'SMARTLAB' by Rigaku Corporation, equipped with RX tube with copper anticathode, automatic optics for reflection collection (Bragg-Brentano) and transmission and both 'multistrip' detectors ', both area
- The instrument is equipped with a 'hot chamber' for carrying out analyzes in non-environmental conditions and a kit for micro diffractometric analyzes, complete with specifically dedicated optics and a video camera for automated pointing of the spots of interest

LAB-0029 Single crystal X-ray diffractometry
- Gemini R-Ultra four-circle diffractometer for single crystal and crystalline powders
- Mo and Cu source, conventional and microfocus. Measures between 80-500K and under high pressure
Price list
Rates are defined according to specific requests.
Possibility of on-site measurements
It is possible to access the infrastructure by reservation, accompanied by authorized staff, and / or send samples for analysis (without directly accessing the structure). The technical feasibility of the request is evaluated and the experiments.
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