UNITA programme for the sharing of research infrastructures


What is the programme?

The programme is an action taken by the UNITA Universities to share research infrastructures (services/labs/equipments) between our Universities. An agreement has been reached within the RE-UNITA project whereby researchers from any UNITA university will be able to use certain research services of other universities. RE-UNITA will use a given budget to support the program.

Who can apply to the programme?

Any researcher from the 6 UNITA Universities can use the database and apply for the use of research services, equipments or labs in other University different from his/her own.

How do I use the programme?

The interested researcher will use the information provided in the database to contact a laboratory/service in other University and ask for information and/or a quotation. If the researcher wants to use a service, make measurements or use the equipment, she/he will have to place an order. After finishing the sharing procedure, the laboratory/service will send an invoice to the researcher. In the invoice, the price charged by the laboratory/service to the researcher will be the same than the price that would be charged to a researcher of the same University.

How do I pay the invoice?

Each University has a budget to help their own researchers use the programme. It is recommended that a researcher do not use more than 500€ of the budget on each measurement, but each University can pay more of this amount under the request of the researcher if there is budget remaining. Please, contact your RE-UNITA contact point.

So, is co-financing of the cost of the shared infrastructure programme mandatory?

No, but it is considered a good practice to make a good use of the programme and to increase the number of possible researchers using the programme. A 50% co-finance of every invoice is recommended.

Should I have to do something more?

Yes, in order to control the budget and to keep control of the project indicators it is mandatory that you inform your RE-UNITA contact point that you are going to use the programme and also fill in a very short report on the measurements/sharing. The template for a report can be found here.

Are travel costs covered by the programme?

No, travel costs, if needed, should be paid from the researcher.

Can a PhD student use the program?

Yes, in fact at least 30% of the available budget in each University is reserved for UNITA PhD students, specially cotutelle PhD students

A collaborator entity of a UNITA University can use the database and apply?

Yes, but they will be charged as an external entity and will not be eligible for co-financing.

Where can I receive more information about the programme?

Please, contact with your University’s RE-UNITA contact point.


UNIZAR: Inés Dominguez, info.reunita@unizar.es

UBI: Natália Alves, natalia.alves@ubi.pt

UNITO: Giuseppe Bianco, g.bianco@unito.it

USMB: Clotilde Menici, clotilde.menici@univ-smb.fr

UPPA: Hervé Garraud, herve.garraud@univ-pau.fr

UVT: Daniel Luches, daniel.luches@e-uvt.ro